Press: New ‘living laboratory’ shows post-pandemic possibilities for office work in Seattle

reimagined workplace

By Callie Craighead, SeattlePI

From SeattlePI:

What will a return to the office look like in Seattle in the post-pandemic world? Workplace creators One Workplace and furniture company Steelcase are offering local employers some insight into the future of work with their new “living laboratory” in downtown Seattle.

The WorkBetter Lab opened at 51 University St. earlier this month as a “part laboratory, part creative space” to help potential clients reimagine the work place following the pandemic and telecommuting.

“After more than a year of working from home, employee expectations of their work experience have changed. This means employers must create an experience that’s fundamentally different and better than the workplace they left,” said Kathleen Selke, cofounder and vice president of
sales at Porter and the WorkBetter Lab. “The elements we liked about the office before the crisis have become even more critical, while those that frustrated us will become an even more significant barrier if not addressed.”

The space itself is like an IKEA showroom, staging all the possibilities for return-to-office spaces that will be more strategically thought out in terms of floor plan and design.

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