A closer look at On the Rise 

Building a pipeline into the real estate industry.

At Porter, we are committed to taking actionable steps toward changing the real estate industry for the better—ultimately creating an experience that is diverse and accessible to all. One of the biggest challenges we want to dismantle is the incredibly high barrier to entry into this industry. We believe that one of the antidotes to traditional gatekeeping is to nurture talent while building a welcoming pipeline that invites them to enter the real estate community with confidence. 

With that in mind, we partnered with YouthCare to launch On the Rise. This program immerses young people from historically excluded communities into the world of commercial real estate. On the Rise offers classes specific to design, tech, and project and facilities management. The classes are led by volunteers from the industry who teach, train, and offer internships, apprenticeships, and other opportunities after the program ends. 

Dive deeper into the Porter commitment to social impact initiatives. Check out this video for a closer look into On the Rise

Are you interested in getting involved with On the Rise? We’re currently looking for volunteers to bring their expertise into the classroom and help us further diversify the industry—starting with leveling the playing field for BIPOC youth. Learn more here