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When approaching social justice issues, it became clear to us that building a diverse team at Porter was not enough – we needed to take our efforts outside Porter’s walls, too. We’re committed to making positive change in the corporate real estate industry by identifying barriers of entry and working to remove them, creating wealth for traditionally under-resourced and historically excluded people, and nurturing talent to create an inclusive community.

Makers Program

The Makers program features furniture and décor supplied by Black, Indigenous, People of Color owned businesses.

Traditionally, small businesses haven’t participated in the corporate commercial market because the barriers to entry – like lack of capital, smaller supply chains, and unfeasible payment terms – are insurmountable. Porter is working to remove these barriers and bolster these talented makers and their unique products.

Purchasing from and working with a BIPOC collection of makers and décor consultants makes a social impact by creating wealth in under-resourced and historically excluded communities. It also brings a welcome change to the aesthetic of corporate commercial spaces, which often rely on a limited array of styles predominantly inspired by European design. Our spaces need to physically employ diverse designs of BIPOC cultures to reflect the change we desire.

Please ask us to view our full list of selected partners, explore our exquisite Makers products at the Shop (link to the Shop page), or see our offerings online.

High School Training

The Emerging Professionals Training program introduces high schoolers from under-resourced communities to the world of commercial real estate with classes specific to Design, Project + Facilities Management, and Tech trades. The program is designed to help students achieve internships, apprenticeships, or full-time jobs. 

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Professional Mentorship

Our three-month Emerging Leaders program led by Kea Meyers Duggan provides tools and information to help professional young women in commercial real estate make connections, succeed professionally, and grow personally. Ultimately, the concepts discussed in the roundtables will provide tools to help these emerging leaders thrive.

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