Makers Program

Invest in innovative small businesses

Discover makers that are breaking down barriers

Bringing in small businesses and diverse creators is one of the best ways to create a unique space. Traditionally, small businesses haven’t participated in the corporate commercial market because the barriers to entry are too high to overcome. Porter has been working to remove these barriers and bolster talented makers and their amazing products.

In 2020, we established the Makers Program, a solution that features art, furniture, and décor supplied by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) businesses, as well as other makers with diverse backgrounds. The purpose of the Makers Program is to evolve the aesthetic of corporate commercial spaces and create places that truly reflect their occupants. All while creating wealth for those who have been historically excluded from the corporate real estate world.

Transform your space while helping to transform the industry for the better. Work with our expert décor and styling team to access this incredible catalog of small businesses and makers.

Become a partner

Become a partner in our Makers Program, and invest in a select group of BIPOC businesses in order to redistribute wealth, reimagine culture norms, and create mutuality. We make it as easy as purchasing from our Makers collection of products and services.