Unlocking the Power of Inclusive Design

Picture this: Brian Collins, the mastermind behind Global Workplace Services at Microsoft, dropped truth bombs on how technology can be the ultimate equalizer in our workspaces. Kam Sudberry, the inclusive design trailblazer at Steelcase, unleashed a tempest of ideas on creating spaces that cater to every beautiful quirk of humanity. And Karen Braitmayer, the Principal of Studio Pacifica, took us on an odyssey through universal design, where limits are but an illusion.

Here’s the revelation that will shake your very core: accessible, inclusive, universal design is just good design. It’s about designing for the full spectrum of human existence, acknowledging that disability is a normal part of our shared experience. Our spaces should be enjoyed by all.

But let’s not stop at mere compliance. Our panelists push the boundaries, urging us to think beyond codes and regulations. They emphasize that accessibility goes beyond the visible. In fact, 90% of disabilities are invisible, and there’s a high rate of stigma surrounding disclosure in the workplace. It’s time to create a culture of accommodation, a safe space where people feel empowered to identify and ask for what they need.

In the video that follows, we have distilled the most compelling moments from this thought-provoking event. Get ready to be inspired, as these luminaries guide us on a journey to reimagine our workspaces and foster a sense of welcome and belonging for all.

Join us as we uncover the highlights and key takeaways from this transformative event in the world of inclusive design. Let’s explore together how we can shape a more inclusive future, one workspace at a time. 

Note: The video can be found below, so you can dive right into the captivating insights and discussions from this remarkable gathering of minds.